Below are photos of my litter of ten beautiful pups consisting of five males and five females. They are 75% German shepherd, 25% rottweiler. They were born May 5, 2019. As of July 11, 2019, six are still available for adoption. The pups are dewormed, vet checked, and have had their first vaccines. The medical record will be supplied with each pup.


Angie with her litter.


One of the pups at about 4 weeks.


Four weeks.


"I may be only four weeks old but I stand my ground."


Albert and his pups.


Most of the family.


Dad at play with his pups.


"How come you got the cool collar?"


"... Because dad said stand here like this and look that way."


"... and then turn and look this way."


"I'm tellin' ya, stay OFF the road!"


"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...". Being a puppy is hard work.


"Frig I wish they'd grow up."


Dad acting like a puppy around the kids.


"Bed time everyone."


Puppy Rugby

Suddenly, in the middle of the scrum and unnoticed by everyone, the ball popped loose.


"I think I'm really cute."


"I think I am too."


"Dad, can I have a turn?"



"No, you have to clean her properly. Like this. Are you paying attention?"

"Males can be so useless."


"I don't know Dad. We're gettin' kinda tired."


"I think the food comes out that door."


"Can you eat it?"


"Hey, milk delivery!"


"Is this the right pose?"


"Why not?"


"I don't know, but I heard something about dogs and barking, so I think it's like this."


"Wouldn't this be called de-barking?"

"No silly. That's when you get off an airplane. I'm sure this is called barking and it's an important skill we are supposed to learn."


"No idiots. That's not barking. Give that to me!"


"What's that thing?"


"Well it was fluttering around chirping a minute ago. How come it doesn't squeak anymore?"


"Race ya!"


"We figured we'd just clean up the left-overs for ya."


Puppy squad on a mission.


"Naw Mom! Frisbee is old-fashioned. It's called 'ultima' now."


"C'mon. Throw!"


"Like this?"


"Hang on a minute. I gotta go get the snacks!"


"I like to just lie around up here and think."

"Yup. Sure can do a lot of thinkin' up here."


"I thought I was the cute one."


"Give yet?"


"I wonder if he will miss this?"


"Use both paws - like this. Shove your ass in the air and throw the dirt between your legs. Got it?"


Puppy squad sitting at attention while mom relaxes.


"You deal with them. I never want ten kids ever again."


"Hey, wait up!"


"You want to argue with both of us?"


Puppy squad on patrol again


"I wonder what they taste like."


"We think we are exceptional puppies and we deserve really great homes. If you can offer us such a home, you can buy one of us from our human for only $800."

"$800? Is that all we're worth?!?"

"What kind of deadbeat slime would sell his kids for $800 anyway? We should be worth more than that."

"Isn't it illegal to sell your kids?"

"I heard he just put our price up. Something about getting fed-up with all the f#+!%#$ time-wasting dolts on kijiji with shorter attention spans than we have and only half the brains. Trying to weed out the morons or something like that."

"Frig we'll never sell! We're stuck with a human sales agent with less charisma than an angry rottweiler and less patience than we have."

"Grandad was a rottweiler and I heard he was kinda charismatic."

"I dream of a home with a human all my own, where I get to sleep in a human bed at night, watch TV on the sofa, get nice raw steak or venison dinners every night, get lots of fresh chicken eggs and veggies, go for regular drives, walks, and have a big yard with squirrels to chase where I can play frisbee and ball. Maybe even get to chase the odd deer or wild turkey when I can get away with it.

"Dream on!"

"Better get used to this place. We could be here awhile!"